Day One Stories

and to think some people spend their first day at work figuring out the voicemail system.

At Nucor we want you to work on the projects that interest you. Big or small. Starting on your very first day. Because we believe that with your strength, creativity and intelligence, the possibilities are endless. And those possibilities should begin the moment you walk in the door.

A Breakthrough

A concept you tackle on your first day can lead to a patent that takes the heat off hundreds of people.


Our interns get a true taste of what it’s like to be an engineer at Nucor. For internship opportunities, join our College Talent Network >

Invention: A Weight Off Everyone’s Shoulders

Projects our engineers started on day one are saving money, energy and the environment.

I thought it would take at least three years out of college before I got to do anything cool. But from the get-go, I was involved in, and soon leading, projects that I absolutely love.
Sara Lelli  /  Design Engineer  /  Nucor Building Systems South Carolina